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Stocks to Watch for Tuesday, October 21 $ESI $SCOK $IBIO (0)

October 20, 2014 • Daily Scan

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Charts from Friday – $VISN, $FREE, and $PVCT (0)


Throughout 2014 I’m going to be posting charts of interest to this site.      Most of the charts I post I won’t have any position in the stock (I primarily day trade) and at the very least the site will archive the many charts I end up saving to my hard drive.     […]

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Just some crazy penny stock runners lately.    Here are most of the marijuana related penny stock charts that have been running over the past several days…. MDBX – Medbox, Inc. GRNH – GreenGro Technologies, Inc. PHOT – GrowLife Inc. CBDS – Cannabis Sativa, Inc. CANN – Advanced Cannabis Solutions, Inc. MJNA – Medical Marijuana […]

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$TGRO – Tank and Rip Day (0)


$TGRO (Tiger Oil and Energy, Inc.) has definitely been one of the most impressive promoted stocks in 2013.    This stock was found here on December 8, 2013 and then officially released by StockTips on December 9.    Since then the stock went from under $.30 to over $.60 in just a couple of days. […]


$GNIN Tank Day (1)


Today was the beginning of the end for GNIN.  I looked all over for shares to short today pre-market and I was unsuccessful.   I heard there was about 50K shares available through Centerpoint (which only a few were able to get) and some shares were available pre-market at Interactive Brokers.  Had I not been on […]